why do i have to be gay if i do not want to have sex with anyone?

Some years ago i found out that there is something that transmit a greater feeling that any orgasm that i've had in anytime in my life.

since then i do not want to penetrate the women in my life, most times they would get sooo angry with me, the next thing for them to do is kill. "however" when i begin applying my love techniques they melt away in pleasure, at which time all the anger subsides and the thaught of penetration fades. some female thinks i'm gay and don't realize it yet. truthly, i have never felt any emotions for a male body not even father and son love, i just respected my dad for who he was and if the female is not basically fem, (like nikita). i have no interset. what does not wanting to penetrate the female body have to do with gay?

I have had intercourse over 1000 times already and it always gives me the same high. since my alternate experience my body feels like it having orgasm constantly without dischg. (not religion, masterbation, s&m, or any fetish stuff

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    its good you feel good about yourself-ignore-ignorant people- who don't understand -they are not your problem-good luck.xx

  • HmMm.
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    1 decade ago

    sucks for your gf though

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