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When do you feel this?

When do you feel peacefulness, serenity and happiness in your heart ?

and when you hurt people, are you keen to correct your fault? what do you do to apologise..........remember everyone has his way to apologise , so what's yours ?


Edit : hey guys....... don't miss the first question as well :D............ thnx

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Edit : to Pinkyismy.... : ok, apology accepted :P ..........hahaha, no really thanks brother for your kindness :)

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Edit : to Lisa : wish you always from my heart this beautiful peacefulness and serenity in your life, god willing.

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Edit : to Atbt : man.... are you always searching for the best answer ?! :D

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Edit : to Dolphin : yeah, when i was young i used to write letters to my sister, till today she has these letters :D

but now, when i'm angry with her, i jump on her and shower her with kisses and say sorry sweetie :D

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    Assallam mu alaikom.

    When U are sincere in what U are doing. However, nothing compared to when U are reciting the Alquran Nul Kareem( Arabic version), that is the time when U feel U are so close to Allah s.w.t. The feeling is only Allah s.w.t. knows. There is no word that could explain your feeling at that time. There again, be sincere when U apologise to ppl, otherwise, ppl will think that U are hypocrite. If U are not sincere, might as well do not apologise. But, pious ppl are willing to apologise at what ever cost. The most important is sincerity and forgiveness. Sometime, ppl may think that we are stupid to apologise. But, pious ppl are more afraid of Allah s.w.t than anything else and apologise for the sake of Allah s.w.t. (Lilla hi Ta'ala )but not for other hidden reasons.

    Wabillahi Taufiq Wal Hidayat.

    Wassallam mu alaikom.

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    I am most peaceful, serene and happy when my 16 yr old daughter is out having fun w/people I trust her with, when my 2 1/2 yr old is taking a nap and my husband and I have just made love and are just cuddling.

    When I am wrong I say I am wrong and I have no problem saying I am sorry. The real work starts in building trust (emotional trust) again.

    When my husband is sorry he makes me tea, my favorite.

    How about you?

  • I feel at peace when I am praying to the great lord.

    I try not to hurt anyones feelings, it's best to avoid getting into a sticky situation. If I am in the wrong, I will have no problem in saying I'm sorry.

  • Anonymous
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    well I am not from that type who can say sorry easily in front of the person. I hurt I fight with my elder brother and when I feel that feeling ( you mentioned before) I write a messenge to tell him sorry. I really can't sleep if I am still quarrling with someone we ( human beings) should control our emotions more to make good relationships and to avoid a lots of wars and deaths

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  • Anonymous
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    I feel peacefulness most of the time.

    I always really try to NOT hurt people.

    If and when I hurt somebody 90% of the time its unintentional

    if I hurt you, whoever youare, ask for and apology, say what I did, and I bet I would explain exactly what I was thinking and would apologize

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    For the first is when I have done what I believe Jesus would have done in my dealing with others....for the second..."I'm sorry" is still the best way to apologize...and a hug never hurts when you do it, if it wouldn't offend the person..not all people like to be hugged...go figure!

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    I feel peacefulness all of the time, I don't hurt people if I can help it but if I do I apologize to them, I just tell them I am sorry

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    right here have a hug.. (( )) and one for Ma too (( )) I consider adored. my nieces and nephews my sisters my household is lovely neat despite the fact that they're one million miles away I recognize that they love me.. If I didn't recognize that I might with ease don't have any motive to reside now might I? I consider principally adored in these days.. so I am going to proportion it with you.. OK? anybody else needs a hug.. come and get it they're loose this night..!!

  • TEK
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    I say "I was wrong" and then I go do something to make it right with that person.

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    This is to complex to answer tonight. I am sorry.

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