I know cuttting is bad but..?

For the most part i used to cut when i'm upset. But just talking about it gives me the urge. I havent for awhile now. But somtimes i just cut out of boredom.. because i like the pain. Is that super weird?? Can anyone relate??


For everyones information i'm not emo. I'm a normal preppy 17 year old girl. You would never have guessed.

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    It's perfectly normal...I cut paper all the time. Sometimes pizza, and even a few vegtables.


  • Nina
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    You know, I just read a question posted by someone (a teenager?) who said that she was self- conscious about going to the pool in a bikini because she has very visible scars on her belly and on her legs. From a traumatic auto accident. Her question is titled: What do men think?


    I'm just pointing this out because there are different types of scars. I don't have any experience with what you're doing, so I might seem a bit naive on this. But....if you were to get into a bad accident and end up with scars all over (from cuts), then you'd have a lot to deal with.

    Boredom, yes, that I can understand. But boredom is just a way of your mind and soul asking/ crying out for something to do. Try to feed your mind and soul. A great outlet is creative writing. I'm just saying this because you can put it all on paper, write poems or short stories, and if you put your mind to it, even get published.

    ...just my thoughts.

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    thank you for addressing that you are not emo. i really hate that stereotype. for some people assume that all cutters must be emo. anyway, i still get the urge to cut. it usually something really small that sparks it. so, yes it is normal. as for cutting when your bored, i've also done this. but, i don't get the same effect. i find no pleasure in it. therefore, i have stopped cutting during these periods. you might want to try some coping techniques when ever you feel the urge...like biting your lip.

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    I used to cut too for a number of reasons and the only reason I stopped was because my boyfriend threated to break up with me and he broke up with me a couple weeks later and sometimes I ask myself why I don't just keep doing it now..and I don't even have the same reasons as I did before so I guess I do it out of boredom too so don't feel bad. It is bad though and we both should stop and other that other blah blah blah about how bad it is...Hope you get better!

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    I've never done it out of boredom, but I guess every cutter has different motives for cutting. You need to look deep inside yourself to see what is driving you to cut. You say you like the pain. Are you causing yourself pain to punish yourself for something you did or happened to you?

    Cutting is bad. There is nothing good about it. It sucks to have to wear sweaters in the middle of summer, and to be asked about those scars. I know I hate it, don't you?

  • Anonymous
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    You're not super weird, you're just a normal person. Everyone cuts in some point of their life. My point is, it's wrong. Yes, indeed it is. You're not hurting anyone else, you're hurting yourself. It's a big sin. I know it's hard, but you need to take this seriously. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cut to deep? You would die, yes. I know you don't want to die. Nobody does, they just think they do because their life is tearing apart. But, things get better, they do. When God wants you to die, he'll make you die but killing yourself is like not listening to what God wants.

    I hope things get better. Good Luck.

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    Cutting is a way of expression - it's how cutters get their feelings out, through wounds that they create.. because they don't feel they can do it as well in another form. Masochism is the word for people that enjoy pain done to themselves, either by themself or another person. This is not generally accepted in the eyes of society but many people partake in it - especially in sexual activities.

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    I understand why people cut themselves but as I'm sure you know it isn't a good coping mechanism. Try holding ice cubes in your hands.......this is used in mental health facilities as a replacement coping skill for cutting. Some patients say they get the same satisfaction from it because it causes pain and they get the dripping from the ice melting like you would get from blood if you were cutting. I'd encourage you to try it and seek some help for whatever is causing you to want to cut.

    Source(s): Me. I'm a nurse
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    that really isn't a good habbit. i cut before and completely regret it. it just took over. its like i felt nothing. i was so low that it was like i wasn't even alive. there is no reason to cut when you are bored or actually EVER. most people who cut don't even feel pain. try and stop by snapping a rubber band on your wrist instead. the addiction will get worse if you don't stop now. good luck.

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    your not a bad person 4 doing that, some ppl have different issues then others. try not 2, but in the meantime, make sure they dont get infected.

    i hope u ignore all the ppl who cant relate 2 or understand why u do this.

    God bless u

  • fran j
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    It is a serious problem, it means that you have not allowed yourself to express your feelings and when you cut it is the only way you know how to express strong feelings. Find a support group that deals with this problem.

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