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what products get rid of acne fast?& for what type of acne does it work best on?

What type of acne do you have? What product helped you get rid of it the fastest? Please i don't want any of your home remedies so don't waste your time typing about lemon juice and all that crap.

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    I used to have acne and tried SO many different scrubs from CVS, etc but nothing totally cleared up my skin. For some reason, i avoided the dermatologist for a really long time but after i finally went it was totally worth it. The first medicine didn't really work but the second one worked REALLY well. now my face is almost totally flawless and i don't even have to wear makeup! and the dermatologist cost was covered by my insurance. So try going to the dermatologist, they know what's best, and it might be covered by your insurance policy!

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    According reasearch many anti-acne products are known to worsen rosacea symptoms. Medical experts strongly urge rosacea sufferers to stop using these products.

    Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many Americans, but it can also spread to the eyes and cause a constant gritty, burning sensation.

    I have been in search a product that works on my skin, I finally found it on one of acne rosacea review site. I use ZENMED Skin Support System - Dry Skin, and I saw

    results in weeks! I recommend it to anyone who has suffered through various dermatologist prescribed ZENMED Skin Support System - Cheers

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    Look up -IDK How to spell it- Mel-a-luk-ah It is a comp. and has REALLY good stuff. It takes it away in less then a week on bad acne and you have to wash 2 times a day.

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