what is the english title of this Korean movie? and where do i get it in english?

i watched this korean soap or movie (pretty sure it was a movie) in china. i watched it in chinese subs and the title in chinese was called "falling in love in seoul". the intro had like a wolf's face and the main girl in an ungerground walkway with both sides surrounded by a gang of guys.

the plot: this girl is liked by these two guys

sorry not much details since i only watched 10-15 minutes of it

itd be a plus if you can give me a site to download it with english subtitles, thx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    but since you mentioned wolf, could it be "늑대의 유혹" (nukde ui yuhok)? It means wolf's temptation. I don't remember the english title, though. But it's about a girl being like by two guys, one of them is her brother (half younger brother).

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