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What's your take on this? Lately, whenever I see an attractive lady my gaze goes immediately to her feet.. . check out her shoes. I don't have "a foot fetish" (bare feet are kinda ugly) or "a shoe fetish" (the shoes alone do nothing for me), I just really like seeing a woman in nice *dressy shoes*...NOT sneakers or flip flops...etc. I think high heels are sexy but not all high heels, just the open toe, strappy kind...(and definitely not those s!utty, stelletto platform hooker type shoes). I often compliment women (even total strangers) on their "nice shoes". Even though it does kinda {{*turn me on*}}, I'm very polite and discreet.

I haven't always done this and don't know when it started, but I do it "all the time" now...and not like an obsession...I just notice it more & more now than I ever have before. It's more like how some women get {{turned on}} when they see guys in military uniforms.

So ladies, what's your opinion of that? How do you feel about guys *really* checking out your footwear?

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    It is ok Chas. What's not to like? In this season we women are donning tan feet, painted nails, and toe rings in cute cute summer shoes. I'd say it is working. ;)

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    nicely as lengthy as you do no longer grow to be frightening obsessed i could say if a guy got here as much as me and instructed me he enjoyed my footwear i could be flattered reason he shares an intrest with me. I try this too often times...if i see a warm guy and that i've got deffinitly desperate he's warm i glance at his footwear...they are able to inform lots a pair of the event that they're emo, or a skateboarder or only extraordinary you will maximum possibly have the skill to inform via their footwear.

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    Well as long as you don't become scary obsessed i would say if a guy came up to me and told me he liked my shoes i would be flattered cause he shares an intrest with me. I do that too sometimes...if i see a hot guy and i have deffinitly decided he is hot i look at his shoes...they can tell a lot about a person...if they are emo, or a skateboarder or just weird you will most likely be able to tell by their shoes.

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    high heels are very feminine and accentuate a womans curves, very much what a uniform does for a man. its totally normal, so dont worry. Its actually very sexy for a straight man to like my shoes, it shows that he pays attention to details. and who knows, he might buy me nice shoes.

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    i really don't mind. You wouldn't be looking at my shoes, actually. After you check out my shoes, i know you're gonna want to check out the whole package that's inside the shoes. Lol ;P

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    I've never really had a guy check out my footwear before but at least its better then having guys stare at Ur boozems or Ur a**

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