How do I get rid of rocks?

My friends and I just bought a house and we're starting to fix it up. Along the outside of the house are a few rock beds. How do I dispose of these rocks? Will the garbage man take them? Do I throw them in my neighbor's yard one at a time? I'm in Ohio.

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    You can try to give and sell them away. You can also dig a hole and bury them. If you've got a lot of time you can smash them with hammers and make sand, or at least gravel.

    You can also move them somewhere else. They can be used to fill in low spots near the wall, to help protect your sprinkler line from careless shovels, or to make borders for your planters.

    If there aren't too many, you can throw them at enemies, hide a few in the regular trash, or do various arts and crafts things, like making pet rocks.

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    Ask your neighbors and friends if they want any. I just took a bunch of rocks from my Aunt's garden. She was redoing some things and didn't want them. I put them in the back of my flower beds to help with drainage (dirt likes to sneak out between paver stones near my house) I would give my left arm (just kidding!) for nice big stones to make a rock garden with. If you can't find anyone to take them (sob) call your city municipal department and see what their policy is. Our town takes almost anything but I don't know about rocks. But don't toss them in your neighbors yard! You want your neighbors to like you! :) If all else fails maybe you could put some in a truck and leave them at a state park or something. Just an idea. Good luck !

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    Think about building a low rock wall. They look great as a landscaping feature.

    The suggestion for putting them out by the road with a sign "Free Rocks" was good too. They will probably be gone in a day.

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    How do you get rid of rocks? People BUY rocks for landscaping. Put a sign in front that says, "Free Landscaping Rocks". Or "Landscaping Rocks 10 cents each." Or find a Freecycle near you (look in Yahoo Groups) and post that you have free rocks.

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    Give them away on Freecycle. Just go to yahoo groups, search for freecycle Ohio and find a link near you. I'm sure someone else would love to have your rocks.

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    Leave them if you're not planning on putting in flower beds. The rocks are a great mulch, and will help keep the foundation moist.

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    maybe use them for edging around a bed, or perhaps build a a dry creek in your landscape.

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    just throw it away

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    give them away

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