whats some good fahion design practice for a future fashion designer besides sewing?

I love fashion everykind and want to do everything in the buisness even fashion photography but how do i get some good practice as a teen

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    girl im wit ya i love fashion designing 2 just trust your skill and that should take u a long way!! i mean i get opinions from my mom and she loves them and wants them made so she can ear them so get opinions and work it!!!

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    Design for someone other than fashion models. We aren't all 18 and 6 feet tall some of us are 95 and in a wheel chair but still would love to look good for our great grandchild's wedding. Some of us are short and fat but could be the mother of the bride or the bride or matron of honor. Those with mobility issues like arthritis might not be able to get a back zipper up or want a outfit you don't need to move your arms too much to put on.

    Only a hand full of women in the world can wear a gown like at the Oscars that cost thousands and has a million worth of jewelry.

    Go design bridesmaids dresses that are beautiful but can and will be worn again.

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    Take a class in photography at your high school as many do offer this class. This will further you with this desire.

    Next, you need to learn draping... creating fashions by draping them on a form. No sewing! This will promote creativity. You will have to do this in college as my business partner has a degree in fashion design.

    Depending upon where you live, try to get a volunteer position to help backstage in fashion shows and such. They will not hire you but, they will let you volunteer! This is excellent experience in behind the scenes and you will get to know the people you will need to know!

    Be smart! Get to know those who are "in the know!" This is a major portion of this business, contacts!

    Well, Teresa and I wish you the very best in your goal! We have designed everything from costumes, wedding dresses, to doll clothes! LOL! Have fun!! We have!!

    Source(s): Experience in working 27 yrs. with a very talented fashion designer, my best friend, Teresa!
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    I suggest getting familiar with the details that make up the human body. Also, observe the body in motion. Watch people when they run, when they dance, look at the full range of motion of each body part. Draw the body when you can, and don't limit yourself to lollipop figures.

    And of course, practice sketching. Fashion design sketching can be very detailed to very minimal brushstrokes, but all play out important details of the piece about to be created. Try and find your comfort zone when you sketch.

    Fashion photography starts from portrait photography. Try taking pictures of friends and family in their usual routines. And then turn out the makeup and give them their first "glamour shots". A little knowledge of a photo-editing software will do wonders to create that perfect shot for Elle or Vogue.

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    Some good skills to pick up would be drawing and illustration, in particular the human figure. Take art classes, like 2D design, 3D design, illustration, figure (life) drawing, and anatomy.

    Keep a sketchbook and sketch ideas and designs all the time. Soon it will be a sourcebook that you can look back on.

    Learning some graphics software might help a bit, too. Illustrator, Photoshop, Poser, etc.

    Good luck!

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    A good idea would be to read a lot of high fashion magazines



    then make collages in notebooks

    another good idea would be to invite friends over and do your own fashion shoot make a "runway" inside or outside (walkways, driveway, hall) then you be the photographer and have your friends be the models what better practice then doing the real thing?

    another thing to do is watch shows like "Project Runway" and "America's Next Top Model"


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