girlfriend fat?

my gf is always asking me if she is fat. how can i say yeah to help her lose weight in a nice way?

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    You can say hunny I would love to go for a walk just to talk to you and spend time. Walking is a first step. Then you can go running or something. Also cook more at home for her healthy meals. Encourage working out together and getting healthy together. Do it as a team

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    You can't do this without making yourself an Ex. LOL

    I am sorry. You can maybe offer to walk with her or pay for a gym membership or go on a diet together. But you can't tell her she is fat. She will NEVER forget and she will NEVER forgive.

    If you truly love her then just accept her. Flaws and all. She needs to make the choice for change herself and nothing you say or don't say is going to make it better or worse.

    Also, be careful. Sometimes a comment like this can send a woman over the edge and right into the clutches of an eating disorder. Tread carefully. Good luck.

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    Since your girlfriend asked you a question, you should answer her in a sensitive and intelligent manner. If she is a little over weight, you could tell her. Just tell her that carrying around x number of pounds is unhealthy, and if she wants to loose weight because of health related reasons, you are willing to be supportive. Reassure her that you love her unconditionally, but you wanted to be open and honest with her. That is a big part of being in a relationship, being able to be intimately honest. It's a way to do anything. Just don't blurt out something hurtful but be a little smooth. Use a little good old fashion charm.

    Only if she asks you again.

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    Tell her she isn't really fat, that you love her just the way she is, but that you wouldn't mind if she lost a few pounds. Suggest Weight Watchers. Believe me, if she is not happy with her body she will want the lights out when lovemaking begins and that is just one of the problems you will have to deal with. For her own self-esteem she needs to lose weight if she thinks she is fat. Weight Watchers has th4e best success rate. Good luck.

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    Don't say yes, did you fall on your head? Tell her you think she's beautiful just the way she is, but if she's unhappy with her weight, you'll go to the gym with her to give her some support. Trust a girl whose man told her to get her fat butt to the gym (that guy is GONE now). When she's asking you if you think she's fat, she really wants to hear that she's beautiful (even if she weighed 300 pounds and had a gimp leg)! Good luck with this one...

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    Don't tell her that she's "fat;" no one wants to hear that no matter what euphemism you use.

    Instead, try suggesting doing activities together, such as hiking, walking, or swimming. Be conscious about your dates together and instead of going out for pizza, do something active instead.

    She's constantly asking you this question because she needs reassurance, suggesting that she is self conscious about her body. Keep that in mind when you are thinking that she could afford to lose a couple of pounds. Be kind and love her for who she is.

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    ur her main anchor-if u go she'll have no one to support her- i mean as in telling her shes fat. if u really need to help her maybe say that ur fat and u need to work out or want to and the two of u can go to the gym or for runs and bike rides together :) just dont tell her shes fat cause thats not nice at all. always make her feel good about herself and appreciate her for who she is :) goodluck

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    Don't say "yeah" but tell her you know her size is bothering her and you'd like to help her get to a point where she's happy with herself so offer to eat healthier with her and to go walking/jogging (or any other activity) with her.

    If you tell her you think she's fat (even if she knows she is) that's what she'll focus on...that her boyfriend thinks she's fat (unattractive, not sexy, etc etc will build up in her mind) so let her know you'll support her in what SHE wants to do to get where SHE is happy with her appearance....because the bottom line is, if she doesn't do it for herself, it's not going to work (long term) anyway.

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    Ask her what does she think about the way she looks and if she thinks she is fat then if she like you are willing to work out with her to be her motivator so she want feel alone.

  • First, you NEVER want to let a girl know she's fat.

    Humiliation big time.

    Second, maybe you should 'invite' her to the gym to workout with you because you want to become more fit.

    Make it a couple dieting and exercising thing.


    You could say "Baby, i think you're perfect, but if you have a problem with your weight, I support you in anything you do. Just know you're beautiful to me no matter what"

    Something like that.

    Good luck.

    Remember a woman's weight issue is a very delicate situation.

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