how to care for a macaw?

im planing to get a macaw and wanted to now how to care for them and if its hard caring for them? well thanks folks thats all

ohh and also if i should really get one?

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    Macaws are pretty easy but their size in intimadating...So make sure you get a baby....They need veggies, fruits pellets, seeds..and I have always offered tablefood such as cooked rice, cornbread, pinto beans...variety is the spice of life right?

    Make sure their wings are clipped, with a wing span like theirs...they can really hurt themselves...and make sure those toenails are clipped...

    A cage that is large enough is very should be able to service the bird from the outside of the cage, tray at the bottom has to be easy to pull out...and of course make sure it is painted with paints safe enough for a baby.

    good luck

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    I wouldn't recommend a macaw as a "starter bird". They are a lot of work to keep healthy and happy. This is a bird that will live 50+ years so you'll always have this dependent child you have to plan and care for.

    Depending on the type of macaw there are also special diet considerations you may need to adhere to.

    I hope you will give this considerable thought and do much more research. I don't want to dissuade you, but it isn't something that should be decided on the basis of a few opinions.

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    If you don't mind protracted, ear-drum shattering screaming fits from your pet then go for it.

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