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Don't you think this is really disturbing...?

My daughter said to me that one of her teachers made a small quiet boy in the class stand up and act like a chimp in front of everyone or get detention, my daughters said about this particular teacher before been unpleasant, but i think this is just vile and degrading torture, should i consider withdrawing my daughter from this guys lessons?


the kid is white so its not racially motivated.

My daughter has not been subjected to anything, she has a strong personality and would not stand it.

It was an english lesson so it wasn't a project.

As for been selfish, i am not i just don't feel i have grounds to complain for the other child as he has his own parents, who, afterall, may not even want him withdrawn

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    You need to write a formal letter to the principal, and CC the president of the school board regarding this repeated behavior.

    Better yet, have your daughter write it and you can help her (makes a good learning experience on how to verbalize a proper complaint.)

    Taking your daughter out of the class is not a good idea. People do stupid things for stupid reasons, as that teacher did. The better thing to do is to teach her the proper way to handle things. For example, let her know that it is ok to immediately tell the teacher in her next class what she saw, and how it bothered her in a cool, calm manner. This will allow the "adult" teacher to notify the proper authorities immediately, if he/she believes that it is necessary.

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    First of all, since this is clearly disturbing to you, you should talk to that particular teacher. You don't need to go straight to the principal or straightaway withdraw your kid from his class. Talk to that teacher, see how he reacts and what he has got to say. He may have his reasons. Tell him firmly about your concerns. We all want to protect our children but it helps to hear both sides of the story. If later on you hear anything similar about this teacher, it's time for you to let the school know.

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    It depends. Do you know what the circumstances were? Was a project that all the kids were doing? Is your daughter learning anything in the class or is she scared?

    You should speak to the teach or other parents if possible to get the facts.

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    The teacher was wrong. there are many other ways to get the child out of his shell. But it was not bad enough to consider withdrawing your child. The quiet boy's parents should have a talk with the teacher.Sometimes things are not what they seem.

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    personally i think you should report him to the principal of the school and inform the mother of the child made to act a chimp of the actions of this instructor...that is the only way to make him change...if you just take your daughter out of the class you are in a sense condoning his behavior because you are doing nothing...he will get more and more brazen and will make the other children suffer...are you sure he has not made your child do something similar...or worse

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    You should speak with the head of that teacher's department, or the principal of the school regarding what's going on in class. Pulling your daughter from that class won't correct this teacher's conduct.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. When I was younger my teacher, may she rest in peace, used to do the same thing to me. I used to be upset about this daily humiliation until a few weeks ago. It seems she was found dead in the park with a banana stuffed into her mouth. I am no longer upset, in fact I am always laughing thinking of how she must have looked like a chimp trying to eat a banana. I assure you that I am perfectly normal - no harm came out of it. It's not like , your son may one day turn into a psychotic killer.

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    Yes. Even if he doesn't single out your daughter, he is a poor role model for the kids on how to treat people who are shy. Report this teacher to the principal.

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    go to the parents of the boy in question. take your daughter with you so she can recount the story firsthand. make sure you express to the parents that you feel this is extremely inappropriate (because it really is) and urge them to take the issue to the adminstrators or even the school board.

    as an education student and the daughter of an elementary school teacher, i feel wholeheartedly that this teacher doesn't deserve his or her classroom. they need to be reprimanded....and fast.

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