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IEXPLORER.EXE-Application Error??

Since yesterday, everytime I exit out of Myspace, it says: The instruction at "0x7eIfaf3" referenced memory at "0x7dc489500" The memory could not be "read" Click on OK to terminate the program..Have this happened to anyone before and do you know what it is or if it's a virus? Should I restore my computer? Please help me.


I already did the disk clean up and did the ad-aware, and also scanned for viruses but it's still the same.

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    Have you got 'Google Toolbar' installed as this can cause a number of these errors

    It could be a corrupt or messing Files/Folder on the Operating system

    A defective Hardware driver for ex( printer, cam, scanner...etc) even the Anti-Virus can cause such an error

    Chances are that another program is causing this. Identifying that program may not be quick or easy.

    Try This

    When the 'explorer.exe' error happens again

    Go to

    Start >> Run >> (type in) msinfo32

    Go to 'Software Environment'>> 'Running Tasks

    On the right are all the process that are running on your PC and one of these is causing the problem......

    The best way of doing this is

    Click once in the right hand box >> Edit >> Select all >> Edit >> Copy

    and copy the text into Wordpad


    When you restart your PC as soon as you are in Windows ..... follow the above steps again.. So that you Can compare the 2 and see which process is causing the problem

    I know its a long process but this should stop the problems from happening.

    Hope This helps


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    I've encountered similar problems a few times with sites, but in all instances I'm able to continue working and there seems to be no effect on my system, so my guess is that there is a process on the web server hosting the site that isn't ending its threads cleanly so it throws an error. I wouldn't worry about it unless you begin noticing any other problems.

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    yes reinstall the operating system, i've had a similar problem on a client's computer but it was associated with svchost.exe i think it has something to do with RAM but when i resintall the OS on that computer the problem stopped.

    if that doesn't fix it, then there is a slight chance you MIGHT have some bad RAM

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    put xp cd in your cd-rom at-first

    Start -> Run -> and enter ="sfc /scannow "

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