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Did you know that Traitor Murtha will soon be under investigation?

Murtha’s relationship with the two lobbying firms, KSA Consulting and the PMA Group, came into question on Monday following a report about earmarks he obtained for the firms’ clients.

The story reported that some of these clients had opened small offices in Murtha’s hometown of Johnstown, Pa., but maintained larger operations outside the state.

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    You should find a second and third source of information that support these allegations before you believe what you have read in a single article.

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    I can't stand Murtha.

    However, try to name ONE politician who is not under investigation. And if these companies opened Small offices in Johnstown, it proves nothing.

    We're always conducting these stupid investigations which usually prove nothing.

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    This is speculative. Stop getting my hopes up only to see them dashed.

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    Under investigation by whom? That band of criminals that are in power in the congress? LOL.....he's as safe as a baby in his mothers arms.

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