American History???Plz Help!!?

kinda need help. Just something to get me started. (ideas, examples ect.):

You have just survived one of the battles of the Revolutionary War. Write home and let your family know you are alive and well. Tell them about your experience. You will need to include the location and date of your battle, the outcome, and how you felt about fighting in a battle for the independence of your country. Your letter should be three to five paragraphs in length.

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    Here is my idea. Because maybe you just hate history as much as I did when I was in school. I could not get through the reading. Sit and read about the revolution? I'd rather be gathering flies on the battle field, kill me now !!!

    If you go the your library, there will be a lot of books on tape or CDs about the battles of the revolution (and every other history topic). They are so good! Once you listen through one or two you will have such an easy time with history. I was like man why did I not have those back when I was hating live.

  • Read about the Battle of Lexington in your book and online. Pretend you are a young man in the militia on the green when the British arrived. Describe what you see, hear, smell, feel, etc. Describe the battle from the first person, as if you were there. Explain how the battle ended and how you felt. In the last paragraph, write about how fighting in a battle changed or reinforced your beliefs about fighting for America's independence.

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    Under no circumstances use modern slang in the letter. Research old letters to get a sense of the language.

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    This Web site has examples of Civil War letters. Check out the July 6th one. It is about a battle.

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