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What awesome dish have you have fixed -that you have not cooked since-that you were really proud of?

Mine was a Brunswick Stew w/ scratch Cornbread..back after I first got married 25 yrs. ago..I used a Stewing Hen and real stock..

someday I'll do it once again..


"that you have fixed?"

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    christmas dinner I did my first last year I was so happy that I managed to get everything togeather and done opn time

    I was also happy that everyone had so many different things to choose from.

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    1 decade ago

    Stuffed Pasta Shells

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    Mine wasn't really a dish. It was a lemon chiffon pie from scratch. OMG it was like you would imagine it to be if you ate a cloud it was so light and melt in your mouth.

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    Once I made veal parmesan from scratch, pounding the veal and everything, and it came out really well.

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    1 decade ago

    Lasagne bolagnese (sp?). I tried to make it again but nowhere near as good as the first time. I can't find the recipe!!

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