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What are some FUN things to do in Manila, Phillipines for the WHOLE FAMILY?( during the day????)?

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    enchanted kingdom in Sta Rosa Laguna...

    or swimming somewhere in Fairview, or in Antipolo

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    Well since it was my first time I did the whole sha banger....Well first I went to the Mall (SM) it is hella huge. Then i went and got a specific or you may not have a widows peak when you leave....

    Next I partied it up and enjoyed the nightlife...tisk tisk. After that I went to a cock fight...pretty interesting at what goes on. Believe it or not I went to slaughter house to see how things were done in a different part of the world and it was pretty grusome. After that we went to the waterfalls it was basically a whole day of driving, hiking, swimming, and BBQ.

    Next week or two was all Island Hopping on the Super Cats it's a blast if you've never island hopped before, scuba diving could be a hazard..we had to try to out run sharks more times than I can remember...gosh I wouldn't suggest it if your scared of that sort of stuff or if your just not a confident swimmer, besides ocean current will suck you under like that.

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    How about Parks and wildlife in Quezon city.An unmanicured park where you can spend an unhurried day playing with the kids, reading a book, or just communing with nature. There is a small lake surrounded by walkways, tables and benches where people come to picnic. A restaurant is also located nearby. Kids can have fun visiting the crocodile, Philippine eagle, Burmese python, parrots, peacocks, monkeys, deer and other animals at the mini zoo and wildlife rescue center.

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    If you have young children, you may want to try Enchanted Kingdom, Splash Island, or Avilon Zoo.

    If you'd rather go to the mall, go to Mall of Asia or Tiendesitas. You can go shopping while your children stay in Active Fun/Kids Republic, a jungle gym type playground where you can leave your children to play.

    But if you want some adventure, go to Tagaytay. It's only about an hour (2 hours if it's traffic) ride from Manila. You can go to Taal volcano, take a boat ride and horse ride up to the crater. Have breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio's or lunch/dinner at Antonio's.

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    Here's an ideal itinerary:

    Since you are going to Manila, considered as one of the modern places in the country, you need to see the huge malls instead of beaches which you can do sometime anyway. Metro Manila itself is comprised of 17 cities and 1 municipality:

    8:00-10:00 Mall of Asia and Esplanade at the Bay (Paranaque City)

    >Mall of Asia is the third largest mall in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Esplanade at the Bay. have breakfast facing the sea. An alternative to Esplanade at the Bay would be Roxas Boulevard in the older section of Manila.

    10:00-1:00 Glorietta and Greenbelt (Makati City)

    >Glorietta and Greenbelt are in Makati City, the business capital of the Philippines and home to resident Americans and Europeans. A walk through the Makati Central Business Zone is also nice as it brings memories of Manhattan.

    1:00-2:00 Powerplant (Makati City)

    >Powerplant Mall is also in Makati City. This is the premier fashion mall of Southeast Asia, and it sports a Mediterranean look to it.

    2:00-4:00 Fort Bonifacio (Makati City-Taguig City)

    >Fort Bonifacio is the newest planned city in the Philippines. It features several condominiums, skyscrapers, and is the location of the British Embassy, several international schools, a very large Amerasian community, and the home to MTV Philippines.

    4:00-6:00 Ortigas Center

    >Ortigas Center features five spacious malls, one of which is the sixth largest in the world. The malls are fairly close to each other. Robinsons' Galleria is the hub of telecommunications and gadgets. Shangri-La Plaza is the favorite place of yuppies and the Chinese community of the Philippines - it is also classy. MegaMall is the largest mall in the area (7th in the world) and is the mainstay of Americans - it is 1.5 kilomeeters in length. Beside MegaMall is the Saint Francis Square, which is an air-conditioned market, which technically connects MegaMall to the Podium, another upscale mall most famus for its European cuisine restaurants.

    6:00-8:00 Eastwood City

    >Eastwood City is the country's Silicon Valley. It is a complete city in its own right, with a techno mall and numerous choices. It is also the headquarters of most International companies.

    What to expect?

    Manila is one of the largest metropolises of Asia Pacific so expect first-world amenities, hotels, and a really wide range of designer cuisines.

    The people are mostly mixed Filipino with foreign, and it is not uncommon to see Caucasians, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, and African-looking people to claim to be Filipinos. The Philippines has Asia's largest Amerasian, American, Eurasian, and European community.

    Culture is typically American in orientation, and there is the usual iPod, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Fast Food (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Carl's Jr., Burger King, Wendy's, Sbarro, etc.).

    English is widely spoken in all the aforementioned areas, as the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. In poorer areas of Manila, you should speka English a little slower, and they will surely understand. In the above areas, most speak English with an American twang.

    What other options?

    1. Corregidor Island: Go to Sun Cruises in Harbour Square (Pedro Bukaneg Street, CCP Complex, City of Manila) and pay for a trip to Corregidor Island. The tour is all-inclusive: food, tour, and everything. It is a trip back to the days of World War II

    2. TriNoMa (TRIangle NOrth of MAnila) Mall: The newest of all malls and rivals the Mall of Asia is the TriNoMa Mall, owned by the Spanish Filipino family Zobel de Ayala. It is located in North Avenue, Quezon City, and is easily accessible by Light Rail Transit. It is also the second suburban mall in the country. It is literally shaped like a triangle and is north of Manila.

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    Go to a cruise to Corregidor. The cruise can be found in the yacht club in Manila bay.

  • I don't know much but if I were you, I'm gonna go visit the SM Mall of Asia during the day and go to Intramuros in the late after noon or evening.

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    a family picnic and kite flying for kids while at the park or in a zoo

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    there are some really good beaches in batangas a couple hours away. completely unpolluted too

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    beaches are always a good idea :]

    there are also some pretty cool stuff at their malls :]

    k. thats all i know

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