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Bachelorette Party Question!?

I am currently a Bride-to-Be and about to have my Bachelorette Party. Let's face it, every Bride wants to feel sexy on such an occasion and I think I have found a great outfit but I wanted to get some other ladies opinions. So take a look and let me know how you feel about it, honest & helpful answers need only apply!

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    If you feel good in it, that and the glow from getting married will make you look sexy! I think that outfit is shows just enough skin to make you feel sexy, but your butt crack isn't hanging out in the back to make you look skanky. Have fun with your girls!

  • Sandy
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    1 decade ago

    It's a cute outfit if you have the figure for it.

    I kind of disagree with the "let's face it every Bride wants to feel sexy on such an occasion". That never entered my mind at my party! All I thought about was my upcoming wedding, the man I loved and I was celebrating with my close, dear friends.

    I hope you have a happy marriage though! Good luck.

  • 4 years ago

    Instead of the sex and penis way to go, you could do a spa themed party. Especially if it is a small group of girls, rent out a day spa and drink mimosa and get your nails done and try hair dos yall will wear to the wedding,makeup lessons or even massages and then do shopping for each others night out attire. After that hit up the local classy wine bar or jazz bar. The favors could include a gift certificate for facial or waxing the week before the wedding.

  • Anonymous
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    I think it is a cute outfit. I don't know as though I would wear black though. Depending on what you are doing. Have a great party!

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    It's a nice looking outfit.

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    Yes, it is very nice if you have a slim figure. Accessorize the neckline with classy necklace.

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    it looks like a sexy version of a mechanics outfit....but hey go for it...if you feel you can work it...

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    its cute and sexy but yet not over doing it i like it

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    if it fits you and your style then go for it. it a cute outfit.

  • Lydia
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    Link doesn't work for me, but usually girls just wear jeans!

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