What Exactly Is A Orgasim?

And Yes I'm A Virgin So I'm Just Curious To Know What It Is,How It Feels and How Can A Boy Make You Have One. I'm Also 18 so I can talk about sex I just havn't found the right guy to lose it to.


I Mean Orgasam

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    Actually it's Orgasm. It's technically the climax of the sexual act. Resulting in rhythimic contractions and shivers of intense pleasure. In men it also results in the ejaculation of semen.

    But it's also an emotional experience for most people.

    When you have an orgasm you will know it. You won't have to be told that you've had one! And they are different within everyone... Also no two orgasms are the same for everyone. Sometimes you will have an explosive one that lasts a few seconds. Sometimes you will have a mild but long one that results in waves of shivers and contractions that go on for several minutes.

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    I think you have to actually experience one to know what it is. It's like a quick sensation that you feel that feels extremely good. A guy can make you have one through sex sometimes if he's really good or oral sex. You can also make it happen yourself if your masturbate.

    Oh, and congrats on still being a virgin. More people out there should wait until they find someone they love rather than giving it up to whomever.

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    Congrats on waiting. You don't need to wait for sex to have one. Read up on masterbation. Buy a vibrator or get someone to buy one for you. Even the net is a safe and anonymous way to get one. Heck electric toothbrushes work in a pinch.

    Having one now makes it MUCH easier to have one when you do find the right guy.

    As to what they feel like? Hard to describe. You must try.

    As to how he can give you one? Hands, tongue and "little friend" are the most common ways.

    I recommend before counting on him learn how to yourself so you can help him.

    It is much easier for a girl to give a guy one than vice versa and every girl is different. Learning what sends you over the top is a great way to help ensure a happy sex life.

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    An orgasm is an quite relaxing launch of geared up-up stress and power. Orgasms are distinctive for each individual, making them puzzling to define. some human beings describe the sensation as a tingle, while others describe explosive thoughts everywhere in the physique. as quickly as we've an orgasm, our hearts beats swifter and our respiratory gets speedier and heavier. chuffed hormones, like endorphins and oxytocin, are pumped around the strategies and physique, mutually as blood is pumped to our genitals, bobbing up stress and finally muscular spasms. The grand finale is while the pelvic muscle mass contract.

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    The jerking of the booty, 'cause of the pounding of the cootie.

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