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Would I be more successful with women if I stopped caring about how they feel?

Right now I get nothing. I'm nice to women but it seems like they could care less.

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    You need to find your balance..don't treat women like sh*t just to try to get know that's not you and it won't last..women like guys who are confident and have charisma..and never,ever seem too desperate or gotta show your macho side but still remain sensitive enough to take care of a woman's needs..and not just physically but emotionally as well..feed your ego a little bit..find what you're good at and make it part of your life,something you can be proud of..find your passion,there has bound to be women whose passions are the same as yours..and that is how you'll connect with her..good luck ok and please don't be an ****** like other are different and that's what makes you's not that women don't want nice guys,we do we just want to be intrigued!GIve us something to admire you about..

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    Maybe you should just find better women. Only idiotic women go for a man who doesn't care about their feelings.

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    Mmm, no ;). You are a bit vague so I am not sure how to answer specifically. However, there is nothing wrong with being a caring person. I'm sure you are fine, and honestly, you will mess up every relationship but one - the girl ya marry. ;)

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