I like my best friend???

I talk to him a lot and I really like him and I'm afraid to ask him out because...

1. I'm not the best looking person out there!

2. I'm afraid of him saying no!

3. I don't want it to hurt our friendship.

I don't know what to do...I'm so confused!

Can you help me???

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    1 decade ago
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    i gotta say its a hard question. but i think this is what you should do.

    don't be to harsh on yourself about your looks, if you feel good you look good and if you look good you feel good. so be sure your at least making an effort to pretty yourself.

    you have got to erase the fear of the word no, if you don't do this you will forever wonder, "what if?" i would know that part trust me...

    as for hurting your friendship, if he says no then just say that you don't want your friendship ruined, talk about it

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    dont care abt ur looks because if u feel gd, ur gd and if ur gd u feel gd so just go there and ask him out and if he says no just keep going along smoothly with ur friendship with him.

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