I want to remove the hard drive from my PC and install it on a second computer.?

Will my XP operating system run on this second computer? If not, why not.

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    Not likely...unless the motherboard is using the same chipset. Usually, moving a hard drive in this manner will result in the Blue Screen of Death and it won't boot. But, I have a trick to offer that works most of the time...provided you have an XP disc.

    1. On your old computer, with Windows up and running, insert your XP disc.

    2. Click on Install & Select the 'Upgrade' option.

    3. Click Next & follow on screen prompts until the computer restarts.

    4. Turn off the computer as it restarts.

    5. Move that hard drive to the new PC and boot it up.

    6. Setup will continue and will find the new hardware.

    Source(s): I've done this numerous times...so I know it works.
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    As long as it is not a mutilated vendor version of windows, It should work...but you will most likely have to re-register.

    If it came from Dell, HP, Gateway...ect...no it will not work right.

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    It will only work if the motherboard chipset and CPU are similar.

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    u can do it !

    if the 2 computers are PC

    and i say a word

    try to do

    don't scare

    by djidel oussama

    Mail: djidel_max@yahoo.com

    Site: www.djidel.13.fr

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