heaven or hell.?

are all gay bisexuals and lesbians just marked at birth to go to hell. im bisexual, and im a girl, (im on my brothers email) and i have an amazing gf. and im gonna marry her one day, but im so afraid that i will go 2 hell in the end.

i love god and jesus with all my heart and i pray almost everyday and i want salvation, but im bi and i have a gf , and im scared i will go 2 hell.


msrod. find someone you truly love and then give them up for the rest of your life and be miserable .

not that easy to give up a lifestyle that you were given at birth.

i didnt ask to fall in ******* love with this amazing girl. but i did.

and its kinda hard to give her up.

i want salvating very bad but i also want to be happy with the time i have on earth and the only way ill be happy on earth is bein with her.

Update 2:

salvation*** not salvating.

sorry bout that

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    You're not going to Hell, my Son. Did you notice the post above me? That is a Christian who is not following Jesus. She's following Paul. Jesus said NOTHING about homosexuality, while Paul said too much. Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself and judge not lest ye be judged. He didn't say anything about spreading the word of God with fear and hatred, with wrath. Do you remember the Beatitudes? Blessed are the merciful, blessed are the peacemakers.

    Okay, you Love. That IS God. Love. God Loves, Man Hates.

    That's where your fear comes from. Let go of your fear and let God take it.

    You're not going to hell. when you die, your soul is going back to the Person who Loves it. It's going back to God.

    Love. Remember that.

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    I don't think God would ever send anyone to Earth to be marked to go to hell. We are given the chance to choose for ourselves what we want in life. Yes, our choices is what will allows to move forward in life.

    If you know what you want and what makes you happy. GO FOR IT! Never live with fear or else all you'll have is regret later on. Even when we are taught that we gay people will go to hell. At the end we all have to be measured by the same rules and laws the govern this world.

    IF you've found love and someone that makes you happy, treats you like you are their world and can't keep her eyes off you. Baby, just keep her. Don't let go of that. It's harder for us to find someone willing to be with us and care for us than to look for ways to be saved.

    Salvation is important and really ONLY YOU will know in your heart, when you're ready to live those rules and commandments.

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    hmm... I'm gay but i pray to God everyday.

    I believe, I'm gay because God made me that way.

    I didnt ask it before, but here i am, a gay. However, i live as a good gay citizen who always obey the law, never hurt people, always help other people and try to make a better world starting from the smallest society.

    Are LGBT thieves, robber or criminal? Not always...

    Becoming a LGBT wont hurt anybody, so why u afraid?

    I'll go to heaven if you are a good girl and useful to ur society.

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    heaven and hell dont exist sorry but im atheist and i dont believe in either of them. The funny thing is my father is a preacher and i have 2 bisexual sisters and 2 gay brothers. My parents might hate them and say they are going to hell but i love em the way they are. If there was a heaven they would all go there bcuz they would drop their lives to help someone in need, even if they didnt know them.

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    *laughs* Ok now you "say" you "love" God and Jesus...but i can tell you don't......If you love someone you wanna please them....Right? Well bein homo is an abomination unto God and one of the 7 most hated sins...You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears......... And your fruit is being homo....you apparently don't want salvation that bad bcuz if you wanted it bad enough you would do anything to get it.....even if it means giving up your lifestyle....God can't stand sin and he definitely won't let it enter Heaven. So let's see if it's not heaven you're goin to well then you know where you're headed........And stop giving us Actual Christians bad names bcuz then people walkin down the street will say "Well bein a Christian is no different then bein lost in the world. I don't need to change."


    Well I'm Sorry You feel the way you do........You're In My Prayers~!

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    I'm gay....I know that I was created this way....and I believe that god has a hand in how we are created...

    I don't believe that we (the GLBT) people are destined to go to hell just because of our sexual orientation.

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    you do love God and you do believe that Jesus is the Truth...the way and the Life so i'd say you're in...just have faith and help others...

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    no way sweetie. God MADE u bi and he loves ALL his creation. He makes everything perfect.

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    Hell doesn't exist.

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