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Have You Eaten Any Seafood From China?

Their frozen seafood is being recalled!

Make out your will, quick!

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    Good god listen to yourselves!! Do you really believe everything the government tells you? Plus there is a trade war going on and it started with the USA pulling toothpaste off the market that even the USA says what is in there they are not even sure if it's harmful and certainly not to humans in the amounts specified.

    China is doing the same thing with American products.

    I hope you throw all your expensive sea food out and listen to all the hype and go lock step with all the rest of the hype then throw out your cars, ipods, iphones, computers, tv's, washing machines, and anything made in China ------- then walk around naked.



    I live in China, an ex pat from the USA and eat sea food, or any food put in front of me without any fear whatsoever. When I lived in the states I had to take a triple dose of Zantac daily just to keep my food down. Since I have moved here I never have to take it and I love spicy food. I suspect it has as much to do with the crap we put in our foods as preservatives and that my diet changed from mostly processed to little of that. Plus the wine here is sulfite free and now I never have a hangover which was common in the states when I had 3 glasses.

    Just thought all you scardy cats and the sky is falling types needed to know.





    Source(s): My common sense and your lack of it. .
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    I'm glad I live in a state were they make a living catching sea food. It's time to close the borders to imports from china i'd say. It seems that these days everything from there is being recalled and causeing deathly ill effects on everyone who comes into contact with their goods.

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    Yes, i have gathered a couple of bags of it out of my freezer. Probably about 40 dollars worth of it.

    For just plain Jim: I don't know of anyone who has ever eaten an ipod or computer. I doubt you can catch anything from them.

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    Yes I do. I am Chinese and I live in China. I eat sea food from my own country everyday. I am fine and nothing bad happend to me.

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    1 decade ago

    Nope; I live just outside of Seattle, and have no reason to buy stuff that had to be brought in from China. We have plenty of fishing vessels right here!

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    Thank God no. Chinese exports just keep getting worse and worse. Toothpaste, seafood, toys, foods ingeneral.....sheesh, what's next?

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    Yeah, and how about the expired toothpaste that contains carcinogens?!

    I think China can KEEP all their exports to the US! We dont' need them!

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    No thank God.....thanks for the info.

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