Why can't I complete my WoW quest?

I started a new priestess character in World of Warcraft. I have a quest where I must heal Guard Roberts. I've one this several times over, and my log still doesn't say it's completed! It hasn't only happened with this. With several other quests, I've had to abandon them because of this problem. How do I fix this?

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    Did you turn in the quest? Sometimes a quest will say completed and stay in your log until you have turned it in and collected your experinece. hope this helps. Im a lvl 63 Mage and I have a 20 priest so i have actually completed that quest. Goodluck..Contact blizzard if there is a problem or check the message boards at the wow website.

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    Make sure you've done all the following. Hopefully you just forgot one of the three and doing it will solve your problems.

    Healed him with Lesser Heal (Rank 2)

    Cast Power Word : Fortitude on him

    Returned back to the priestess in Goldshire to collect on the quest

    Source(s): Thottbot.com (I've found this invaluable for picky quests)
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    Check thottbott.com to see if there are any tricks to the quest or any known bugs. If not, send a ticket to a GM. You can also do a /who to see if there are any priests your level in the area who might be able to help.

    Source(s): WoW Girl Gamer--lvl 48 Warlock, 47 Paladin
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why don't you report it?

    To report press on the HELP button. See if they fix it.

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