How do I set up/buy xbox live?

For about 3 months now, I have been wondering how I can set xbox live for my 360. I called best buy but a reatrd answered and he was no help at all. If anyone knows, please reply. Answers are very appreciated!!


Isn't there a internet adapter that you can connect to the 360 or someting?

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    dude seriously this isnt hard at all it perplexes me how people dont get it. first of all you have to have dsl or higher internet. second you should really have a router but its possilbe with out one but troublesome. third you can go to a store like gamestop or best buy or walmart anywhere that sells 360s and buy live in 1 month 3 months or 12 months. you get a little card you go home to your 360 which is hooked up to the internet you go to the far right blade on the dashboard and hit redeem code. alls you need to do with the router is plug your modem into the main slot on it should say which it is then run an ethernet line or if you have wireless make a connection to both your computer and 360. if you dont have a router you can unplug the cord that goes to your computer from your modem and plug your 360 in but you have to have a reset button on the modem and press that before you plug the 360 in and again before you plug your comp back in. it is really simple you just have to be able to think logicaly also its a little harder to get the modem to connect if you have verizion for some reason it likes to be picky. also sometimes you will need to restart your comp when you plug it back in and try to always plug in your 360 only when its off and then turn it on after its in it makes it easier on the connection and cuts down on lag

    ps you HAVE to have a hard drive to get online and also the 360 comes with a built in network adapter so no there is no seperate item you buy other than a live supscription

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    1. Buy a prepaid card.

    2. Add a credit card to your Xbox silver account and buy gold membership.

    3. Buy a starter kit.

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    easy read the yellow book in the box of the xbox

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    Go to

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