What is the most NAUGHTIEST sign of all?

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    Umm Christina Aguilera is Sagittarius...

    "Its about time that I came to start the party

    Sweat drippin over my body

    Dancin gettin just a little naughty"

    _____ NAUGHTY!

    Source(s): I think that you are a Sag too.
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    I say scorpio. Read this too

    Guess who's in charge here? You've got it, the strong Scorpion, who is not quite ready to be controlled by others. This can make for an interesting relationship dynamic, and one very sexy chess game. What the Scorpion wants are sex, love and money from a lover, and the absolute best where all three are concerned. Deep down, though, it's sex and the power it brings which carry the most weight with this libidinous soul. Scorpions are possessed of a steely determination and a strong sense of what is best for them. Thankfully, this often takes into account their partner, and they are quick to be giving with the right lover, and to make their life very easy. As long as the Scorpion wins, there will be harmony in the mating game. The ideal Scorpio soul mate can go twelve rounds anywhere, anytime and preferably in bed.

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    All the 12 signs are naughtiest..if you see from the angle of NAUGHTY. Otherwise no sign is so.

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    It really depends on the gender. Aquarius males tend to be really laid back and not terribly naughty but Aquarius women aren't just freaks in the bedroom, they let the world know they are freaky!

    Pisces are ladies on the outside and nasty on the inside. I know nothing about Pisces males. Capricorn males can be the same as Pisces females - naughty inside, sweet outside.

    Overall, I would probably say Scorpio, as they are the sign of sex themselves, ruled by Pluto. Death and sex, and they start wondering all about it at a very early age - like from the moment they learn to speak. I think the males tend to be more naughty than the females, but water signs definitely have run the rack on naughty, nasty things in the astrological world.

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    1 decade ago

    I would have to agree with officeslave. As a Scorpio, when I am teamed with a Leo, WATCH OUT!!! Leo to me is like a match to gasoline!!!

    We collaborate and bring out some of the loudest, funniest, worst, and lewdest behavior imaginable. Especially when there is alcohol involved. I still remember my Leo friend. We were both drunk off our rockers. He was leaning over the balcony of a restaurant talking about somebody's kid on the marble statue of a dog screaming: "OH, MY GOD!!! SHE'S HUMPING THE DOG!!!!!!!!"

    I drive him on. We are like the meeting of Smith and Wesson.

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    Saggitarius! They are so hyper and wild that they always drive me nuts with their pranks and illogical ways! AHHH THE HORROR! No such things as RULES in their dictionary. It doesnt exist for them,so they just do whatever and however they like, ESPECIALLY BEING NAUGHTY just to toture people minds for fun! AHHHHH~~~~

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    I would def. say sagittarius. They do whatever feels good to them and they don't give a damn if its moral or not! ON the plus they are funny and fun to hang out with...a little too wild for a calm Taurus like me though....

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    The Aquarius Females love to party all-time!!!

    The Aquarius Males love to look at boobs even when they are with their fiancees.

    Source(s): Look at Paris Hilton for an example!
  • 1 decade ago

    Hmmm, I'd have to say Scorpio and Leo

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