What is Oxycontin? I hurt my back a few months ago and I'm in a great deal of pain?

The doctor put me on Loritabs and they dont seen to be working! A friend gave me a pill called Oxycodone but, I dont have a clue what that is and am scared to take it but,, if the pain keeps up like it is now Im might have to take it!

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    Oxycontin and Oxycodone are the same drug, but two different preapartions. Oxycodone is an immediate release drug, meaning it works in between 15-30 minutes and lasts 4-6 hours. Oxycontin is an extended relase drug, meaning it works in about an hour and lasts for 12 hours. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in Oxycontin.

    Oxycodone is slightly stronger than Lortab. If you have Oxycodone, it is either 5, 15, or 30 mgs if it is a tablet. It should work a little better for the pain. If it's an Oxycontin, it's either 10, 20, 40 or 80 mgs. If it's an 80 mg pill and you aren't used to narcotics, don't take it. It could kill you.

    I take Oxycontin 40 mgs and OxyFast Solution (a liquid form of the tablets that is 20 mgs per mL) for chronic pain every single day. The Oxycontin keeps my base level of pain under control and the OxyFast is for breakthrough pain. Oxycontin isn't intended for short term pain or to be taken as needed. It's meant to be taken every 12 hours, whether you need it or not, for chronic pain only, to keep the base level of pain low. You shouldn't be taking your friend's medication, and your friend shouldn't be giving them to you. What if you had a lethal allergic reaction... what would you tell the docs at the ER about where you got it? If your doctor found out about it, he would probably stop prescribing you the Lortabs, and then you'd be in even more pain. If the mediction you're prescribed doesn't work, talk to YOUR doctor and try something else, but don't take pills that don't belong to you, it's stupid and dangerous.

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    thats what i take im 2 mos post op on spinal fusion- had 2 previous low back surg. and never got addicted-but u have to know that u have to stop taking them when pain eases it will be hard to quit this time though i have been on them for 18 mos trying to avoid surgery but they work well-the oxycontin didnt help as much as oxycodone-so dont even bother-u dont want to be out of your head they make u sick-even after being on every drug threre is i couldnt take them

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    It is a narcotic pain reliever. There is ongoing controversy about its use. Check out the following:


    My personal recommendation? Ask your doctor - based on metabolism, body weight, and even age, different medications can have different effects on different people - be careful and don't make this decision on your own.

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    Oxycontin is a strong pain killer, synthetic codeine I think, usually per-scribed in a minimum of 500ml doses. a barbiturate and is a downer/muscle relaxer. It can be habit forming if not taken responsibly, although its not supposed to be because of it being synthetic. When I broke my hand, I was per-scribed Hydro-codone, which is similar to Oxycontin.

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  • oxytocin and oxycodone are two totally different prescriptions...oxycodone is used for severe pain and is a narcotic pain reliever (opiate-type), LOTS OF SIDE EFFECTS...you should know more about his drug before you take it....go to www.webmd.com and click on drugs & treatment and type in 'oxycodone' in the box

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    It's a Pain Killer, Some people aka Lindsey Lohan get addicted to it and can die.

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    It is a narcotic and highly addictive. It should only be used if it is percribed and controlled by your physician.

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    that is a very powerfull pain killer . very similar to morphine . if your not allergic to morphine then maybe you should try that drug as it is very powerfull.

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    It is a HIGHLY addictive drug!! It has done more harm than good to a few people that I know. Please be very careful. And If you can help it at all please don't take it at all!!

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    it's a pain drug like vicatin. it will be good for your pain. Very little side effects

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