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My son's father (my fiancee) has club foot. It's a pretty bad case..his mother was told he would never walk..and spent alot of time in a wheel chair as a child..he is desperate to get a job, but unable to stand for long periods of time to get a normal job. He also has a learning disability so even going back to school to get a desk job would be close to there any kind of shoe or anything he could get to make getting a job a little easier.. please we're desperate...


he receives disability but with us having a new baby, even with me working full time its just not enough money

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    I was born with a club foot, decades ago- and mine was corrected surgically and with a cast that attached to a brace on the other leg while it all healed. It was done by an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist, which is who I would think would be the best people to speak with about your fiance's trouble. I imagine it would be a bit harder to do as he's grown, but I should think they would still be able to offer him some help. After my surgery, and after the cast came off, I had special shoes that clipped together and forced the foot to stay turned in, and a brace I wore at night. I was very young though, and don't remember it all clearly. I think it was about a year before I was totally brace free, as well. I don't think the shoes will work unless they turn the bones, though. I think you should go see an orthopedic surgeon to get the final word. They do some pretty fantastic things now days, and I should think they could do something to help him. As far as the learning disability, that usually makes it a challenge but not impossible. He should see an educational specialist to evaluate his situation there and make suggestions, and he might also speak with the folks where he'd like to go to school. They may can work something out for him, eduction folks usually are willing to work with you if they know beforehand. It's worth a shot, anyway. The worst you can be told is no, and that leaves you no worse off than you are now. And you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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    Check in your area for a regional center, a resource for services for those with developmental disabilities. If your fiance qualifies he will be eligible for those services. They may be able to help with the LD. I don't mean to sound nosy but what does he do for an income?

    There are corrective shoes, surgical procedures and therapy. He may need to consult with an orthopedic first.

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    because he has a disability, if he has a doctors note by law the employer has to honor it. tell him to get a register job and then get a note.

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