Could I be pregnant? discharge?

I have a thick, mucous-like discharge...been having for a week. I'm on birth control, and take it ON TIME everyday. The day before my last cycle, I missed a pill, but have taken every white pill after my cycle.

I have no itching, no breast tenderness, and no other signs, I just got over a yeast infection.

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    Cervical mucous is generally not a good indicator of pregnancy. If you missed a pill, there's a chance you could have put yourself at risk to ovulate (which birth control is meant to prevent). Around ovulation, cervical mucous gets very thick and often resembles eggwhites. If you did in fact ovulate, that could be the reason for the excess cervical mucous.

    During early pregnancy, a mucous plug forms over the cervix to prevent harmful bacteria, etc. from entering the uterus. Some women report an excess of thick cervical mucous when this happens, as well. However, if the one pill that you missed was right before the day your cycle began (cycles begin on the first day of regular bleeding), you are at a very low risk for pregnancy.

    If you're still concerned, try taking a home pregnancy test in a week or so. I don't think you are, but it will put your mind at ease. Hope this helps! And best of luck to you!

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    if you did a 1 or 3 day over the counter drug for your yeast infection you might still have because you need 7 full days for it to cure. But your not pregnant and us women do have discharge

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    Not that I see. But sounds like ovulation around that time..Just to make sure wait till your next missed period to take a pregnancy test. Good Luck

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    4 years ago

    you mustn't be having ANY contractions (not to show painful ones) at 18 weeks. feels like pre-term exertions to me. you easily need to call your healthcare professional and that they are going to probable direct you to exertions & transport on the well being center.

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