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What do girls do to show they like you?

Me and a friend went out to see a movie and i really really like her but i cant tell if she likes me what are some clues that shows

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    She calls you a lot . And she wants to hang out all the time. She smiles the whole time she is with you.

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    When you ask her if she feels the same way, the response is "yes".

    For the more subtle approach, next time you two go to a movie, put your arm around her and see what happens.

    You're the only one who knows if this is a good idea or not.

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    Did she stare at you for a slightly longer than average amount of time? Good tell. You can also drop hints yourself, that might make her more willing to give you hints.

    Edit: I just found an awesome video i had forgotten about. Here's the link

    Perfect huh?

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    well if u sat next to each other and it looked like she was leaning toward u .. or maybe if her hand was on the armrest .. she might have wanted to get closer or hoped u would hold her hand ... or she coulda just been sitting that way .. the easiest way is to ask one of her friends

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    sometimes we tease you, poke fun at you. other times it's just a smile and lingered eye contact. if she is always sitting by you, and trying to make conversation with you, she's interested. mostly look in her eyes. you'll probably be able to tell.

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    flirting, iMing you/texting, wanting to get to know you, spending time with you, and putting her attention on you, etc.

    maybe ask one of her best friendsss?!

    hope this helps!

    good luck =)

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    act like tards. lol. no, really. they get giggly, and clumsy, and they try so hard to impress one they like that they actually act like tards. it's cute though.

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    You ever play baseball?

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    Well if she firt with you and she will hint it to if she likes u.

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