i am having a problem with my computer please help me please?

i am running windows vista home premium on a hp machine just the other day my computer has started to freeze up and work off and on. i most likely have a virus cuz i been doing alot of torent downloads with bit comet. i have tried to do a system restore but it is saying that i have never set a restore point but i know i have done so several times. my cpu usage meter on the task manager is only showing 4-7% usage but my physical memory usage keeps increasing steadily to about 75% then drops back down steepily. the activity light on the front of my computer is steady as if the computer is alsways processing something large, it only just started doing this. i am running AVG free version and i cant seem to get it to scan. any help on what the problem can be and a solution would be greatly appreciated. also Yahoo IM was the first program i noticed that started messing up.

1 Answer

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