Does the width of a bike tire matter because of the rim?

I know the 26 part but i need to know the 26 X __ part. I am wondering if the 2nd number has anything to do with the rim or not. Thanks

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    the second number is the width of the tire. However a rim can fit a variety of tire widths.

    Narrow for low rolling reistance on hard surface, wide for traction on loose surfaces or mud. If you ride on paved paths or streets, you will definately want narrower tires with shallow tread. If you ride in the dirt, you will want wider tires with deeper/knobby treads.

    Most MTB rims will take tires from 1.6 in wide up to 2.5. One other important variable is frame clearance. Some frames will have interference problems with wide tires.

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    Other than having to make a small adjustment to the brakes, a narrower rim may not be a drawback. Either wheel could accommodate any tire so one can suit your motorcycle. However, deeper rim profiles shall be stiffer, with a view to be felt in a reasonably harsher experience. The tradeoff is bigger aerodynamics, with a view to rather handiest be felt at bigger speeds. Deeper rims may even make themselves felt while you come across crosswinds. You could consider extra buffeting in a crosswind with a deeper profile rim. This is whatever that a well rider can get used to and atone for. So you have got to come to a decision what you're hoping to get from an upgraded wheel. If you're watching for lighter weight, might be a lighter low profile wheel is fine for you. If you desire to upgrade aerodynamics, then a top profile rim shall be bigger, so long as you're conscious of the drawbacks. If you desire each bigger aerodynamics and diminished weight, the wheels so one can paintings for you will be too costly.

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    the second part is the supposed width size. Theoretically, a 26 x 2.1 tires means that the width is 2.1", but several brands give different measures. Also, the same tire on different rims might vary a bit.

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    other rims fit other tires, the size depends on what cycling you do

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    26X? is the width

    ? = width

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