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Someone was messing with my computer, adn the start menu disappeared!?

Someone was using my computer and messed around with it, now the start menu disappeared, how can i get it bak?


i've restarted it about 100 time already! its not working

Update 2:

wat i mean, is that the button that says start isnt there anymore!

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    Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen - it should change from a mouse to a double arrow. If it does, click and drag up to resize your start menu. If that doesn't work - try the same thing on all sides of the screen - sometimes it can be moved to another side also. Good luck!

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    There should be a small little bar where it use to be, just click and lift upwards, it should follow. If that doesn't work, try restarting ur computer.

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    appears like explorer.exe is terminating often times... be sturdy so you might examine your laptop for secret agent ware and viruses with some sturdy utility... you are able to start up explorer back via potential of ctrl+alt+del and then click on the utility tab. then click on new new activity then enter c:windowsexplorer.exe and optimistically this could restore your subject.. sturdy success ;p you're able to use ctrl+alt+del to strengthen the activity supervisor whilst your start up bar etc disapears. then you definately could start up explorer up back to get your start up bar etc back, wish this facilitates.

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