A swimmer friend, nearly 50 has been approached frequently by gay guys, and wonders why? Are other straights?

My friend is in great shape swimming 4 miles a day. He has been swimming his whole life. Lately he has been troubled by these unwelcome come ons. They are usually from much younger guys. He has nothing against gays, he just isn't. What he wants to know is why he is approached and does this happen to other straight men.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Swimmers are generally very in shape...I used to be one. A lot of gay men are fooled by the fact that you're friend is so in shape and they equate it to him being gay. It's a fallacy of logic. They assume hot bod = gay. What they don't realize is that straight men can be in shape too.

    All your friend has to do is say "No thanks, I'm straight." If he's not interested. And one more thing...why isn't your friend asking this question himself?

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    Hmm, well I'm personally jealous of him. I mean, at age 50, he has younger Gay Men hitting on him? Considering how ageist Gay Men can be, I'm finding this hard to believe. But if this is so, then he should be flattered. Most older guys get totally ignored by the younger ones. He obviously broke the generation gap barrier. Good for him!! He should be proud of his body and glad others appreciate him.

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    Sorry if this isn't helpful but once I was swimming at a club while my dad was in a hot tub. A gay man (also in the tub) inched really close to him and said "anyone ever tell you you look like Bob Geldoff?" It was funny as hell...

    Anyway if it bothers him that much tell him to get a tattoo of his wife's name (real or fake) or possibly a crucifix. Otherwise, just deal with it.

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    Pretty sure thats sexual harassment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just be flattered & learn how to say no thanks with a smile.

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