(CONSERVATIVES) Do you think the defeated immigration bill made it to easy for the Illigals already here?

I personally dont agree that it was a amnesty as such. Although i think the fact that they pushed out the hole going back to there home country, just made it seem like to much of an easy ride. (just having to pay a fine?) What do you think, what would you do better to correct the illegal situation we have? I do however agree that we need to focus on secureing the border first had, but what will we do with all the current illegals? Your veiws much appreciated.

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    I read that bill line by line and it was amnesty with enough loop holes to make everyone legal. Yes it was Amnesty make absolutely NO mistake on that account. When we secure our borders and begin enforcing the laws on that are currently on the books many of the illegal problems will go away naturally. People will leave rather than get deported. Deportations need to begin in earnest.

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    I don't understand why they have to have a comprehensive bill. Why not take it one step at a time? Now they are going to throw the baby out with the bathwater simply because there were some things that were unacceptable. There were some things in the bill that were clearly needed. The first and most important thing to do now is secure the border. I'm getting the impression that they aren't going to do anything at all since the bill failed. I'm personally against the amnesty part. I believe that without respect for our laws there can be no respect for the country. We are a nation founded by laws and principles. But let's please not forget the idea of securing the border just because lawmakers couldn't agree.

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    IMO, the process for illegals to become legal was simply TOO EASY.

    Citizenship is a right, and the path to citizenship should not be so easily given to just anyone. In the bill that never saw a floor vote, gang member aliens only had to promise not to be gang members in the future. When Sen. Hutchinson's (R-Texas) amendment to require illegals who are adults to first go home for a short stay before returning was defeated, I think that spelled the end for the Bill to ever get out of debate on amendments.

    I am a conservative, and I am NOT against immigration, but rather only against rewarding illegal behavior with a fast-track to the path to being legal and to US citizenship. Unlike some conservative businesses, I think we MUST FIRST SECURE OUR BORDERS. When the illegal labor supply dries up, we will see that some of the claims by business organizations that they aren't able to hire enough workers is is a FALSE CLAIM.

    Secure our nation first, enforce the existing laws, and then - and only then - deal with the 12+ million illegal aliens that Liberals are so fond of calling "undocumented".

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    It was Amnesty - you might fairly characterize it as 'de facto' rather than 'formal' or 'complete' Amnesty, but that's still what it was.

    The key to stemming the tide of illegal immigration is interior enforcement directed at employers, not border enforcement. Reduce the number of employers willing to hire illegals, and illegals will go home.

    Once the number of illegals residing in and trying to enter the US is sufficiently reduced, then it would become practical to secure the borders, give fair hearings to the holdouts, and track down the tiny number of illegals that actually are terrorists and dangerous criminals.

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  • jean
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    1 decade ago

    I do not think it was only conservatives that apposed this amnesty. I still have not figured out how the illegals going back to their home counties would accomplished anything. If anyone knows why, please pose it as a question. I don't know what to do about the illegals here, other than grant one more amnesty and after that, make it a felony to be in the country without papers, and the second time you are caught jail time

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    I am not of the mind that I want it to be hard on people. I just believe that there is a good reason why people cant run around illegal and could go on and on as to why, but people should be able to see it.

    The current law from last year needs to be fulfilled as far as the fence goes.

    The current law to increase border patrol agents needs to be fulfilled.

    The current law that it is illegal for businesses to hire people who are not legal to work needs to be enforced.

    The birthright citizenship needs to be corrected. That is a big, actually huge, source of the problem.

    People need to realize that the USA can only economically handle a limited amount of immigrants. And they all need to be legal one way or the other.

    We need an expedient system that can background check and document people who are trying to immigrate or people who are just trying to get a work visa.

    I am just fine with people who want to work but that we know are not going to stay and draw on the system.

  • wise1
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    1 decade ago

    It would be much better to turn illegals, into legals. That would be most fair to all tax payers, and tax paying American workers. We should be ashamed that we are a country divided. One party should not be contrary just for the sake of being contrary. This is not progress and no progress is no step toward a solution. No solution is no step toward a brighter future and will end up taxing us to personal bankruptsy as the bureaucrats sit around pantomiming.

    "United we stand. Divided we fall."

    What a way to go. 8 (

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    here you go... have the flat tax, where everyone pays for items purchased and nothing more..then i'm not supporting illegals and welfare people who drain our countries resources...and make it so people have to go through a physical of sorts to get welfare or support...and mandatory drug testing (heck, i have to at my job...why don't they...they get a paycheck and so do i...why am i punished and they're not..i'm working for my money and they're not, but i get tested) ok..then, stop big corporations from getting tax breaks from uncle sam and make them either stay in the country and follow the tax laws, or prohibit their wares. then, make the corporations or companies hiring illegal aliens go to jail and pay for the transport/legal fees of the deported illegals they hired or brought here...that should about do it

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    If the Fence is built and Enforcement is allowed, and the Sanctuary Cities eliminated. Maybe after two years , they can revisit the issue.

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