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Is 125mg/day of Clavamox harmful to my 4.5lb cat?

I took my cat to the vet after I noticed a huge sore that was bleeding from her chin and she was diagnosed with feline acne.. the vet prescribed Clavamox 62mg every twelve hours for 28 days. She threw up a few hours after her first pill and she isn't eating now. I'm just wondering whether the amount of Clavamox is too much for her since she is such a tiny cat. I already talked to the vet about it but she just keeps trying to push me to have my cat spayed (she's an indoor, 11 yr old cat and I can't afford the 500$ for her to be spayed right now).

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    I would go to another vet for a second opinion on that one. I would think that the vet would know how much clavamox to prescribe. It could just be a reaction to the medicine, since she is not used to it. It does just sound like a reaction to me, but I would still recommend getting a second opinion just to put your mind at ease. PS, WTF is going on that you have to pay $500 to fix a cat?!! It doesn't even total $100 for a female in heat where I work! And we add extra for in heat! I think you need to find a new vet anyway, it sounds like he just wants to make money and isnt concerned about your cat's health. Good luck!

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    I have liquid Clavamox for infection and it is liquid, 1 dropper full twice a day.

    I really would change vets. My first clue is $500 to spay. There are many spay and neuter clinics that charge around $35. And if the medicine is making your cat sick you could be poisoning her by overdosing!

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    62MG every 12 hours sounds right my kitty has an abcess and is about that size and taked 62.5 mg every 12 hours. Make sure you are not giving it to her to soon, every 12 hours is just the right time for the antibiotic to work and stay in her system. Try giving it with something fishey like tuna and maybe she would like that better. also depending on where you live your local ASPCA could offer discounted prices on spaying your cat. But as for the meds follow your doctors orders. Good luck

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    try feeding the cat before you give her the medication. I work at a vet clinic and typically we send home clavamox drops which is a liquid, for that small of a cat. I may want to get a second opinion.

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    Um- 500 to get her fixed? That is outrageous. Have you considered a second opinion? I have had cats through the years and have never heard of this much money for spay! I believe they should be fixed, yes, but it sounds like your relationship w/ Dr. is not great.

    OK- a doctor advised you to get your tonsils out- you say,

    "But my foot hurts!" Do you change doctors?

    Good luck.

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    pay attention to mama kat...she seems to have said what i was gonna say, but she said it first.

    we are fortunate to have a good vet that cares about our cat, and fusses over her when we take her in for her checkups and shots, and our vet is not backbreaking expensive.

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