RPG Maker XP will not run on Microsoft Vista Home Basic?

I just got a new Vista computer running Windows Vista Home Basic. I downloaded RPG Maker XP from the Enterbrain website, Now I installed the RPG Maker XP and the RGSS-RTP stuff. Now when I started RPG Maker XP, I get an error message that RPG Maker XP has stopped working and that Windows is looking for a solution to the problem. I've tried Right-Clicking and going to properties and changing the compatibility to every Operating System it lists! It will not run and does the same thing. I tried installing the patch from the website but I got an error with that. If you have any idea how to help me please state everything you know. I am working on a very important game and I need to start working on it again ASAP. Thank you for your future answers.

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    1 decade ago
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    Now its called RPG maker xp so its obviously designed for windows XP. Now they made a new one specificly designed for XP and vista. Now the site is http://www.rpgmpavilion.com/

    now you'll be able to use it

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