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I had a girl in 1996 say I was the father of her child. When we went to court she said the I wasn't the father and someone else was. Well today in the mail 11 years later I get a court order in the mail saying I have to show up to family court at the end of July. She signed a court document which I still have in my possession stating that I am not the father. So will this document hold up in court or not?

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    It's admissible but you still have to make your court date, or you're in contempt of court and the judge could rule against you as a no-show.

    I would, if you have the money, hire a family court lawyer to appear with you, and I'm sure they would ask the court to order a paternity test. That cuts both ways, if you're not sure you could be on the hook!

    Just an FYI, family court judges have heard it all.... without proper documentation they don't take it into account. So she will have to prove why she finds it necessary after all this time to pursue you for child support. It might be worth it for you to dig around a little and see what caused the sudden interest in your income. Are you making good money all of a sudden? Is she facing losing her home, or high medical bills, other financial burdens? Judges don't like someone dragging a former lover into court when it's convenient.

    Good luck, and if the little guy is yours, man up and do what's right. I'm sure you will, being a father is a wonderful thing.

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    I'm not an attorney either, but i do think that the document will hold up in court. You need to contact an attorney. if you have to show up in family court I wouldn't do it without an attorney. My cousin is going through the same thing, girl he was with got pregnant, had the baby, said it wasn't his, signed papers that said it wasn't his. Mailed him a letter with pics not to long ago telling him the baby was his. The baby is now a very handsome little boy (looks just like my cousin as well). I hope that all works out for you! Good luck!!

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    The judge will more than likely order a DNA test. And order you to pay for half of it. At least then you will know for sure. You would think the document would vindicate you, but...in family court they are more likely to give her the benefit of the doubt. If I were you, and the court does not honor the document, I would insist on getting a definitive answer. Of course, you could always go on Springer or Maury....

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    I am NOT an attorney however, I think that court document will hold up even today. Perhaps you should consult an attorney because it sounds like she may be harassing you in this matter.

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    I'm surprised they didn't make you take a DNA test. Generally, they would have everyone who is a suspected father get the test done to prevent stuff like this from happening.

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