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are there any free ancestory seaches?

indiana from the late 1700's and early 1800's up to today

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    Here is a list of links that might help. Keep in mind that if you are looking for something specific from, there are many people here who don't mind doing a look up or two. Check out these links though:

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    Family Search has a lot of what Ancestry has (information wise). Ancestry has additional thing such as images of public census records and ship passenger lists.

    I'm a member of the LDS church (aka Mormons) we have a Family History Library located in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you're nearby stop in they can help you out. If you're not nearby you can use this link:

    It's part of family search but you can search the catalog by surnames, places, etc. If you find something applicable on microfilm or microfiche they can copy and mail it to you. There should be someplace near you (like an lds family history center) or a genealogy society that will have the film or fiche readers.

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    There are free sites. Rootsweb &

    Now information found in family trees on any website must be taken as clues not as fact as most is not documented. Even if you see the same information over and over by different submitters, a lot of copying is being done. There are errors in those trees.

    I believe the word is out that people can find their family tree on the internet, they have heard it from someone who heard it from someone else. That is a lot of nonsense. Not everyone's tree is on the internet and if they do find their family if they take what they see as a fact they probably have errors in what they have found.

    You need to go to your public library and check the genealogy section and find out what resources they have. They might have a subscription to Ancestry.Com which has a lot of records and is getting more all the time. They have all the censuses through 1930. The 1940 is not available to the public yet.

    Also call your nearest Mormon Church and find out if they have a Family History Center. They will have records on people all over the world. They are very nice and helpful. I have never had them to send one of their missionaries around because I availed myself of their services.

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    my own experience and suggestion is that most new researchers look for "pre packaged" ancestry or family trees somewhere online.

    A completely different way to see research, is to break it down into INDIVIDUAL persons, who you (1) work one at a time and (2) link them back with proof, to the earlier generation. Each will be unique... not to mention, in my opinion, there are thousands of sources out there beyond the usual "family tree" sites.

    In other words... if you post here that you are working to find the parents or birth place for John Smith who married Alice Jones in Okla about 1910... you will have far more success, since people here have the opportunity to use the resources they know.

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    That timeframe, what will someday be IN, likely indigenous people only. No records, no need for searches. ;)

    Instead, get all the information you can from your living ancestors and work back generation by generation. You will need to get their birth marriage and death documents which will give yet another generation back. At this point you'll have covered the 20th century and be in the 1800s, and able to find and document all these people with their families on at least census. (See, they weren't in IN after all until somewhere near at least 1850ish!)

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    All of the sites give you some free info.

    My family lived in IN around that time.

    Mumea - Moss

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    Here are a few resources to try: - Probably the best free online resource. is one of the best but has a hefty subscription fee (for most of its databases).

    Also, you can check the surname message boards for your surname at:

    For links to helpful sites, you will want to take a look at:

    And finally for a lot of different resources:

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