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Whats going on with this guy?

He confuses me so much, I hate not knowing where I stand.

We usually talk on myspace - if he comments me...

and we see each other at summer school. We smile at each other, and yesterday he actually came up and hugged me for the first time! :) Today he didn't, cus I don't really think he had the opportunity to. However, I feel like I always need to impress him, and if he doesn't hug/or comment me that day, I always think that I looked bad that day or something =( But then he surprises me by commenting or hugging. Do you think he just doesn't comment everyday cus he doesn't want to seem too attatched or w/e? How do I know where I stand in his eyes? Where do you think I stand? We smile at eachother every single day --- no matter what though..

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    If you two haven't been out on date, he probably considers you a good friend. If you really would like to know, tease around with him about girls and see what he has to say. Boys are not as mature as girls are, so sometimes you have to make the first move.

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