boyfriend isnt romantic at all, any suggestions? Girls only please!?

my guy and I have been going out for only a month now, and we really like each other, problem is, he isnt romantic in anyway, shape or form. It was my birthday the first week we started to date, and instead of giving me flowers (as any girl would expect in the beginning of a relationship) he gives me an orange, virtual balloon on facebook that he gets for free. Also, he doesnt compliment me on anything even though I compliment him on how good he smells, etc.

how can I get him to be more romantic and compliment me also?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all are we dating the same guy LOL....Well let me tell you if he isn't romantic now he never will be, the question is can you live with it?? I have been dating my boyfriend for over 5 years now and there is NOT a romantic bone in his body.....Our first Valentines day together we went to a concert with his 2 guy roommates.....That should have told me then LOL......but anyway it just isn't who he is.....But I love him more than life anyway!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think hes right for u as a guy

    i always compliment my gf

    i would do anything for my gf and i mean anything

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