What do little 6 year olds like to do?

This summer I have my first summer job. I'm a camp counselor for a day camp. Problem is, they're 6, and I'm basically their teacher, and I need some ideas to do with them. I've always been the youngest of 6 kids, so I've never had to babysit or anything. Any ideas? Games, activities, any idea is welcome. Other than Red Light, Green Light, I got nothing.

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    6-year-olds enjoy coloring, painting, playing/making things with clay or play-doe as well as other arts-&-crafts, playing ball/catch, playing tag & playing hide-&-go-seek (be careful here that you don't lose any of your 6-year-olds when they hide too well). They also enjoy a good story from a good story-teller (don't tell stories that are too scary though). Bird-watching & Star-gazing are a couple more ideas which might interest them. Oh!- and I almost forgot. . .bouncing on the bed & having a pillow-fight (at the same time)- if that's allowed at camp though, as sometimes the pillows won't survive the battle.

    Source(s): Thinking back in time when I was 6- and this was a loooong time ago. Anyway, those are just some suggestions/ideas.
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    Try to tire them out as quickly as possible. Hide and seek, dancing to fun music, tag, spin around in circles until you fall over. Things like that. Give them a box and they'll hide in it. Just nothing too competitive or the tears will flow. After they're worn out, try some arts and crafts.

  • Arts and crafts, make a treasure hunt, hide stuff all over, divide the kids into groups and then give each group a map (an easy one) and the team who finds the most things are the winners.




  • Arts and crafts are a great way to keep them busy for a while.

    Puppet shows.

    Stand still statues. (a backyard game)

    Ring toss.

    Bean bag throw.

    Bug catching. (maybe get some containers and a magnifying glass so they can see what they caught)

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    They love to do the following


    *finger paint


    *movies-bring some from home

    *music- six yr olds love High School Musical

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    can't remember when you were six? lets see......kickball, hide n seek, tug of war, waterballoon fights, dogdeball, campfires w/ marshmellows, hiking w/ hiking sticks

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    relay races,finger painting,coloring,stuff like that.

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    Give em an airsoft gun and bull eye. you dont have to the work

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    finger paint!

  • 1 decade ago

    play doh

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