Is it true that as an Army Helicopter Pilot Officer...?

Is it true that as an Army Helicopter Pilot Officer you dont fly as much as the Warrant Officers who fly the choppers?

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    Warrant Officers are technical experts. Officers are generalists. Our responsibility is to lead and command soldiers, both warrant officers and enlisted soldiers. Our primary responsibility is to our command of staff duty. In company grade ranks (lieutenant and captain) we fly quite a bit, howerver once we reach the rank of major or take a company command as a captain the flight time does go down, however we still keep up on our hours for currency.

    Source(s): Army Aviation Officer Blackhawk Pilot
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    The comissioned officer in aviation units not only have to maintain flight hours, but they must also have staff time, and compete for command time. In order for a commissioned officer to obtain more rank they have to have some command time. They fly less and less as they move up the ranks. Warrants however, fly more when they can, and aircraft are available.

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    Yes it is true..........warrant officers fly more than commissioned officers, because a commissioned officer starts to obtain more administrative types of jobs as they climb the ladder of rank.

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