Has anybody here had a broken tibia/fibula?

I recently broke my fibula near the knee and fractured my tibia. It's been a month and I still experience a fair amount of swelling, especially at the end of the day. The doctor said this is normal. I also have a severly sprained ankle that is taking its time healing. Anybody else experience anything like this?


I do eat well because I am diabetic and I must. It was a sudden traumatic event that caused this injury, really nothing that I could tdo to prevent it, besides paying better attention ;-)

I don't have a cast because the break and fracture are soooo close to my knee that the doctor didn't want me to lose use of my knee from lack of movement. I have a hinged knee brace that allows me to gently exercise that leg every day, but I am not allowed to walk on it. It's actually healing REALLY well and the doctor is very happy, and says the swelling is very normal. It's actually not swelling like it used to, but I wonder when it may finally STOP swelling all together. I am actually very blessed that I am not injured worse than this. I know I won't be "normal" for a long time, and I just need to be patient.

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    Oh Terry, i'm really sorry for you, i find that you are constantly hurt, i hope you eat healthy food because it seems that your body is fragile or sensitive.................. but do you know sweetie that for every a bit of pain you feel, Allah writes with it a good deed ( Hassana) and a bad deed(sayeeaa) is erased from you. Subhana Allah.

    wish you inshaa Allah quick recovery and healthy life.......Ameen.

    peace be upon you sister :D

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    I hope things keep improving! Really, although this is very frustrating, it takes a long time to heal completely.

    I hope you are taking Arnica (homeopathic), in a D12 or C30 potency. If you can´t get it there see if someone at home can send you a small bottle. Take one tablet or 5 Globuli (those little white balls) 3 times a day, not together with food / drinks. This will REALLY help the healing process as well as the swelling, and it is not expensive. Also, there are no side effects, and doesn´t interfere with any other meds.

    In the meantime, sister, be patient. There is a reason behind everything, so try to figure out how you might actually benefit from this, in some way. Maybe you are supposed to slow down for a while, and concentrate on other things? In any case, take care!!

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    Yes, I broke my leg and ankle at the same time......it was a long clean brake on my leg and my ankle was seperated from my leg.....I remember it hurting and itching but mostly itching a lot. It was in a cast so I don't think there was much swelling that I can remember...it was winter and my skin was very dry. Do you have a cast? Do you try to keep it elevated?

    This is what I remember.

    (By the way I will reply to your email soon inshaallah.)

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    I had just the fibula broken

    they put a plate and screws in , then took that out 2 years later

    it hurt like hell, now its healed, doesn't hurt at all anymore, just a twinge maybe

    Pinky made it hurt way less too, when I didn't get massages it hurt bad

    Source(s): also, I heard of a guy who broke both, he smoked and drank and didn't walk and didn't eat well, it never healed fr him, his woman left, bad things for him
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    Yes when I was 2 years old but I don't remember much about it.

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    5 years ago

    you can start walking when the cast comes off. i would not start any sooner because you do not want to cause any more dammage

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    i can only say ,yah you just need to be patient and hope that you will get well soon,just maintain your medication."GOD" always there for everyone of us.

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    try this site....mybrokenleg.com

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