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High School Job To Pay For College....?

what is a good job that pays because I plan on working during my sophmore year so I can save up for college( i want to go to clark atlanta and the total cost of everything is $20,354! so I want to know about a job that pays good money?

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    Try to get a job as a waitress or lifeguard. Waitressing is ideal if you're good with people because you can clean up in tips. Just be friendly, helpful, and polite and people will love you. A lot of places require you to be 18 if they serve alcohol, though. You might have to work at a diner, but that's good because you'll have experience for when you do turn 18.

    Lifeguards generally make more than other jobs, but not always. But you need to get certified.

    Good luck! I wish I had started working earlier.

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    Get a job that will provide a lot of hours, you may even want to get two part time jobs and work 12 hour days. If two jobs sounds like too much, see into giving private lessons for skills you have, or start a babysitting/computer/yardwork/whatever service where you can set your own hours, thus working more than just one job while not making commitments to two.

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    At your age, pretty much nothing beyond retail and fast food, sorry. Higher pay goes to people who have the experience and have earned it. If you're going to need help with college expenses, look for scholarships and financial aid. They can be a real life saver in addition to a job.

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    Do you have experience playing softball? Umpires are usually in demand and can usually get steady work for solid pay - at least in eastern Iowa and central Illinois. And most games are on evenings and weekends, freeing up your days for a second job.

    Good luck!

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    Life guarding and teaching swim lesson can pay better money that retail or fast food.

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