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Where can a young aspiring actress/model get a job in the PA-NJ area?

I'm 14 years old and I've been looking online for any talent/modeling agencies in the Phildadelphia-New Jersey area but it seems everywhere I look, it's a scam! Does anyone know where I can find a reliable agency that's not a scam?

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    define a scam?

    this place here

    has listings and won't charge you to join.

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    Go get a copy of the Ross Reports, it's a complete listing of legit agents and films accepting mail ins.

    Good for you for realizing the scams out there, I see too many questions on here about people who have fallen pray to them and haven't realized it yet. Just remember that anyone asking for you to pay for anything up front is a scam. That is not how real agents make their money, they don't make money until you do. That is why it's so hard to find an agent because they have to be willing to invest in you. If you don't book jobs they can't make their end of the money which is 10% (no more) of whatever you've made.

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    You need a referral to a Talent Agent.

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