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What should I make the boyfriend do?

My boyfriend is going through a divorce, his [ex] wife cheated on him with another man. What should my boyfriend do? It can be mentally mess with the guy, or he could do something physical. What should I allow him to do?

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    Not sure how to answer this question, I went thtru a divorce with my now ex-wife. My girlfriend at the time of my divorce stuck by me all the way so there was no mental drain on my part. Just be there for your boyfriend and let him know things will be ok. As for what he shoiuld do to the new guy, absolutly nothing. it could get him arrested and then it would cost alot more then the divorce in the leagal department

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    Let me get this right.... your boyfriend is going througha divorce? That would make him married. So what's the question? His wife messed around? And how do we explain you?


    You are still dating a married man even though he is going through a divorce. Can you say...adultery?

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    Wait a minute. YOUR BOYFRIEND'S wife CHEATED on HIM??? What is HE doing with YOU?

    He wants to mess with the other guy? I don't think so. Clean break and everybody goes on their marry way.

    To you. if he is seeing you while married to her, what makes you think he won't see others while he's with you?

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    Neither if he is trully happy with you he should move on!

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    haha if hes my man let him go i'll take him.....

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    he shouldn't do anything....i mean...isn't he happy with u already???

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