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getting new dog?

i lost my old dog a couple weeks ago because of a sudden brain tumor where he couldn't see, didn't know where he was, and couldn't walk right. i really want another dog because my sister recently moved back in with her fiance and three kids which all get on my nerves throughout the day. also my dad wants a new dog because he is out of town a lot and wants a watchdog to alert us if someone comes during the night. my mom says that the only way we are getting another dog is if it is female and is out of the puppy stage.

the problem is that we have been looking at humane societies and i cant find one that i like - all of them i like are too old, male, or still a puppy. i looked before we lost our dog and i loved every one. why cant i find one i like? What should i do because i feel really lonely without a dog?


i want to know why i am liking only the dogs that i know i can't have.

Update 2:

i have been checking petfinder but there are only a few shelters near where i live.

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    try they have tons of adoptable dogs free of charge, i love the fact that you are willing to take in a young dog that's not a puppy! sorry to hear about your old friend, hope he's having fun at the rainbow bridge!

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    Im sorry to hear about old dog... I agree with your father in wanting and needing a gaurd dog for you.. But, you also have to want and need the dog for yourself..

    Its funny.. About 3 weeks ago, I was looking at buying a puppy.. (Vizsla) instead I went to my local animal shelter and adopted a 2 year old female Redbone Coonhound mix.. She needs alot of help and training but, I figured the puppy would always be able to find a home.. But, Zoe, at 2 years old was running out of time and I decided that to save a life.. Is to give a life... So, I'm geting Zoe Saturday Morning and hopefully everything works out..

    So, my advice would to look online at all your local shelters or try and find a rescue with the type of dog you are looking for..

    Either way.. I hope everything works out for you and your new member of your family

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    DO NOT try to get one that is too similar with what you just had...

    I wouldnt want a puppy either - odd becuase the shelters here are mostly 1 yr old dogs.. anyhow put your name on a waiting list so they can call you when a dog like you want comes in .

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    i have 2 german shepards and they are amazing gaurd dogs. that is what they are bred for they would protect me over anything

    i work at an animal shelter in auroa il

    check there for the best dogs around!

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