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What is the Fahrenheit temperature that corresponds to each of the following Celsius temperatures: -10, 0, 15, 100?

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    Do you want the answers to the problem or how? I will assume yhou want to learn how...

    In the formulas below, / means to divide, * means to multiply, - means subtract, + means to add and = is equal. Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

    To convert a Fahrenheit temperature into Celsius:

    Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32)

    For example, to convert a Fahrenheit temperature of 98.6°F into degrees Celsius, first subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature to get 66.6. Then you multiply 66.6 by five-ninths to get 37°C.

    To convert a Celsius temperature into degrees Fahrenheit:

    Tf = ((9/5)*Tc)+32

    For example, to convert a Celsius temperature of 100 into degrees Fahrenheit, first multiply the Celsius temperature reading by nine-fifths to get 180. Then add 32 to 180 and get 212°F.

    The Celsius temperature scale is still sometimes referred to as the "centigrade" scale. Centigrade means "consisting of or divided into 100 degrees." The Swedish Astronomer Andres Celsius (1701-1744) developed the centigrade scales for scientific purposes. It has 100 degrees between the freezing point (0°C) and boiling point (100°C) of pure water at sea-level air pressure. An international conference on weights and measures voted to name the centigrade scale after its inventor in 1948.

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    To find the Fahrenheit temperature, use the formula:

    F = 9/5C +32

    To find the Fahrenheit equivalent of 15 degrees Centigrade:

    F = 9/5 (15) +32

    F = 59 degrees


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  • 1 decade ago go to this link and it has a conversion table. just type in the c temperatures and hit enter

    Source(s): its the easiest of all the answers. and the first answer gives u the link to convert ferenheit to celcius... wich you arent looking for.
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    -10 is 14F

    0 is 32F

    15 is 57.2F

    and 100 is 212 F

    100% right

    Source(s): i use a converter i hope this helps ;)
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    -10c=about 13f


    15c= about 60f


    Source(s): ny state earth science reference tables
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    [(deg F)- 32 ] * 5/9 = (deg C)

    Have fun!

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