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Fantasy Baseball Trade?

Should I trade away Justin Morneau to get D.Matsuzaka, B.Colon, P.Konerko and M.Cameron?


I don't think its a great trade; should I try to get someone else on his team involved? V.Martinez, C.Granderson, Jimmy Rollins, M.Cuddyer, J.Verlander or CC Sabathia.

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    It's according to what your needs are.

    You should take out Paul Konerko and insert Victor Martinez. If he has any outfielders or whatever you need that's a little better than Mike Cameron, trade them up.

    Justin Morneau for Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez, Paul Konerko, and Mike Cameron sounds a lot better to me, try offering him that.

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    I would, but it depends on who you would have to drop to do this trade. Daisuke should be in line fo r agreat 2nd half, and Konerko is bound to come out of his funk, and come close to matching Morneau's production during the 2nd half. Colon has been awful so you may just want to drop him, although he should improve. Cameron has not been amazing, but he should be good for 20 HR and some SBs. Sounds like a great deal for you.

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    Yeah try to get someone else.

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    no sorry at the end of the season.

    stay the course

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